We will take care of every dealing of your wedding plans so you can focus on enjoying your big day. Share the experience with your loved ones and leave the details to us.


Our Denver wedding planning team can handle:

  • Venue selection

  • Floral arrangements

  • Menus and catering, including the wedding cake

  • Rehearsal dinner

  • Reception party

  • Booking limos and transportation

  • Booking photographer/videographer

  • Selecting and coordinating with vendors

  • Booking musicians or a DJ and playlist selection

  • Wedding must-haves: wedding favors, guestbook,  flower basket, and ring bearer pillow

...and anything else you need!

Denver, CO Wedding Planning FAQ

Can anyone officiate a wedding in Colorado?

Per the Colorado state government website, a wedding may be solemnized by:

  • A judge of a court.
  • A court magistrate.
  • A retired judge of the court.
  • A public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages.
  • Indian tribe officials.
  • Clergy.
  • The parties to the marriage.
That last one means you can "marry yourselves", provided you have the proper paperwork. If you wish to solemnize your own marriage, you'll be responsible for acquiring, completing and returning the license to marry to the appropriate county office of the clerk and recorder.

How do I get a Colorado marriage license?

You will need to get a marriage licenses from the appropriate county office of the clerk and recorder. A list of these offices can be found on the Colorado state government website. The soon-to-be-weds will need to provide valid ID, such as a driver's license, birth certificate, passport, or military ID card.

Do I need a permit to hold an outdoor wedding in Colorado?

Colorado has many beautiful outdoor wedding venues. If you plan to hold your wedding in one of Colorado's state parks, you will need to get a permit from the state, county, or city (depending on the park). Check the park's website for details.

Weddings on private property may need permits depending on local ordinances for parking, noise, fire, and portable restrooms (if needed). A professional wedding planner will take care of all these permits for you.

What time of year is best for an outdoor Colorado wedding?

Colorado enjoys pleasant weather throughout most of the year. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for for outdoor weddings.

Is hiring a wedding planner worth it?

While many brides and grooms-to-be are tempted to take care of wedding planning themselves, most find that handling the logistics while also managing all their social obligations to friends and family is just too much. A wedding planner takes that stress off your shoulders. An experience wedding planner will also know how to pull off big events, juggling all aspects like renting venues, obtaining permits, hiring caterers, booking DJs and musicians, and a thousand other details that can overwhelm people trying to do it themselves. A good wedding planner will free the bride and groom and their families to simply enjoy the special day.




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